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Things To Do

Mykonos offers excellent untouched seashores, a plethora of watersports, archaeological and ecclesiastic institutions, while the local taverns and bars keep visitors sated and pleased. Without further due, let’s dive into the amazing, lively Mykonian summertime!

Little Venice for the sunset

A very unique location on the vivid island of Mykonos is the Little Venice in Mykonos Town. Its romantic aura derives from the Cycladic houses with colorful balconies, perched above the Aegean Sea, their walls ever kissed by the waves. If met with the opportunity of staying at one of these seascape rooms, you can witness one of the most romantic and poetic sunsets while lounging. It’s also great to gaze at from the nearby bay of Alevkandra, as well as from one of the numerous cocktail bars with undisturbed views.

Stroll around Mykonos Town

Once you arrive in Mykonos, the main Town on the island welcomes you for the most vividly colored vacation. The traditionally whitewashed Cycladic buildings, paved alleys, and the pristine Aegean Sea at its feet create a fairytale-like environment to wander in. It is useful to mention that during summertime the main town’s pathways are closed for vehicles in the evening, while the best time for strolling around is in the morning. Travelers can witness an exquisite sunset from Little Venice’s balconies, enjoy a shopping spree at the sophisticated boutiques and savor a refreshing drink at the chic cocktail bars. For an alternative to the things to do in Town, the few well-maintained museums available provide a deeper insight into the region’s past. After dusk, a plethora of bars and clubs await you for partying until dawn.

Visit the sacred island of Delos

An excellent site of ancient Greek history, the uninhabited island of Delos is a must-visit when vacationing on Mykonos. At only a 40-minute boat ride away, Delos offers a deep insight into the ancient past, having served as a major religious pilgrimage location, along with being of tremendous political importance. The Delian Games every five years, the treasury of the Delian League, Apollo’s temple congresses held, and many more core utilities of the island are shown and preserved both on site at their original locations, as well as in the Delian archaeological museum.

Swim & Dance at Super Paradise beach

Situated next to the larger beach of Paradise, Super Paradise can be reached via a water taxi or a bus. It is less organized compared to its neighboring shore but is quite vivid throughout the summer season nonetheless. Standing as Greece’s leading gay-friendly bay, it attracts travelers from around the globe, especially during high season. Swim in its crystalline waters enjoy the sun and dance on its golden shore to the beat of your Greek summertime.

Party at Cavo Paradiso

As an internationally acknowledged party hub, Cavo Paradiso club in Mykonos is where you want to be for an unforgettable experience. Situated above the pristine Paradise beach, specifically atop a hill, the establishment flaunts its unique aesthetics and architecture. Additionally, its main attraction is none other than the Mykonos-shaped swimming pool, around which the party takes place every summer. With world-acclaimed DJs frequenting the club, from Carl Cox to David Guetta and beyond, a breathtaking night is guaranteed. Keep in mind that its tremendous capacity of over 3000 people can easily get covered, so it’s a good idea to arrive a bit before the main party, for some early drinks. And since the late-night parties continue until after sunrise, be prepared to dance, dance, dance.

Take a beach hopping boat tour

Mykonos beaches are famous all over the world for their golden sand and crystal waters. In fact, some of them are considered among the most beautiful beaches in Greece. If you want to explore as many as possible, especially those located at its south coast such as Ornos, Psarou, Platis Gialos, Paradise, Super Paradise, Paraga, and Elia then book the "South Coast Beach Hopping Boat Tour with BBQ Lunch" and enjoy Mykonos from a totally unique perspective.

Eat at a local taverna or fine dining

Local Tavernas: No one should avoid dining at a local Greek tavern while staying in beautiful Mykonos. The Greek cuisine, both on its own and as a part of the Mediterranean family, is one of the most praised globally. While sometimes it may not be easy to pick one of the many taverns available, "To Maereio" in Mykonos Town and "Fokos Restaurant" in the bay of Myrsini are two exquisite options, definitely worthy of a spot in your to-do list.

"To Maereio" is a tiny, cozy tavern hidden away in the Mykonian alleyways; by word-of-mouth and the precise address, it can be located easily. The family recipes of traditional hearty meals will delight everyone and along with the chefs’ love and care for the dishes, this little oasis is always vivid. Moving on to the north of the island, "Fokos Restaurant" located at an uncharted bay near Ano Gonia village ensures a memorable experience. Unlike the majority of bustling beaches on Mykonos, the Myrsini (also Fokos) beach is a serene, secluded area where the only establishment provides mouth-watering Greek meals at moderate prices.

Visit the Windmills

As one of Mykonos’ key landmarks, the picturesque windmills are a wonderful site that no visitor should miss. Used long ago for crushing wheat and cereals, they no longer operate. Maintained in a good shape, their whitewashed cylinder bodies and hay rooftops make for a very photogenic background in Chora. The windmills are proof of the previous century’s dependence on the strong Mykonian winds for processing the produce. Visiting them and enjoying a cold refreshment under their shadow should definitely be one of the main things to do in everyone’s itinerary!

Enjoy luxury by the beach at Nammos

Nammos is one of the most popular establishments on the island of Mykonos, to the point where skipping a visit at it will leave your experience on the island incomplete. Visitors can spend the whole day there, starting with a light drink and delicious seafood snacks, swimming in the azure waters of Psarou bay. After the sun starts sinking in the horizon, Nammos' restaurant will host you for an exquisite culinary experience. Its menu consists of ultra-modern fusions from the Mediterranean cuisines. Meanwhile, the lively bar scene will be sparkling from paparazzi cameras as celebrities from every corner of the world tend to appear and savor the Nammos experience.

Party at Paradise beach

Paradise beach is synonymous with the Mykonian partying spirit and rightfully so. The bay lays between Super Paradise and Paranga shores and has been a tourist hotspot since the 1980’s with pristine infrastructure available. Aside from the public facilities, the numerous beach bars and clubs at Paradise bay enhance its partying ambiance, with daily events and world-class DJs like Steve Aoki and David Guetta performing live.

While enjoying its crystalline waters and powder-like golden sand, visitors may also indulge in the watersport facilities available for an adrenaline boost. Paradise bay gets quite crowded during summertime, with an upbeat ambiance and exquisite natural environment. The best thing to do is pack your best swimsuit and get ready to dance the evening away!

Experience a snorkeling excursion

If you would like to experience the island from an alternative way and viewpoint, one of the best things to do is booking a seat at one of the most authentic boat trips on the cozy vessel of "Ouranos II". When aboard, all visitors will be able to gaze at the wonderful seashores and environment of Mykonos, enjoy the sea breeze on their skin and also dive in the crystal-clear waters for some serene snorkeling and swimming. A different, naturalistic approach on the whole Mykonos experience that we recommend indulging into. Embarking from Kalafatis bay, you can book this excursion in advance!

SantAnna, biggest seaside pool in Europe

Shifting from Paradise to the neighboring Paranga bay, we come across one of the most elegant, vast establishments of Mykonos; the SantAnna restaurant. Founded in 2017, it expands from its own private bay part to what is Europe’s largest seaside swimming pool, with two separate bars, a top-notch fusion cuisine restaurant and a variety of lavish beauty treatments.

The SantAnna experience is fantastically well-rounded, leaving nothing to chance. Guests can relax by the pool on the comfortable sun loungers, frolic in the piscine or savor a sushi plate with flavorful shisha. Every summer numerous music events take place in SantAnna, along with private parties and extravagant surprises that nobody wants to miss.

Panoramic views at 180° sunset bar

One of the most breathtaking sceneries and vistas in Mykonos is surely that from the 180° sunset bar. A stellar rooftop open bar located atop the hill as a part of the Mykonos Castle Panigirakis. The self-explanatory name becomes evident once you visit it; undisturbed vistas of the Aegean Sea, the Town of Mykonos and the romantic sunset explain it perfectly. Enjoy exotic cocktails and a welcoming chic ambiance with your friends or significant other for a highlight in your summer vacation.

Visit the unspoiled Rhenia islet

Just a few hours of sailing from cosmopolitan Mykonos, the uninhabited island of Rhenia welcomes travellers for a daily excursion and swimming in the turquoise waters. With an interesting ancient past intertwined with Delos’, Rhenia once served as a necropolis of Delos. While both islands still attain ruins of ancient temples and Byzantine churches, Rhenia is also visited for its fantastic, untouched bays and crystalline waters. If you want to balance out the busy atmosphere of Mykonos, spending a day sunbathing on Rhenia is definitely an excellent choice.

Explore authentic Ano Mera village

While Chora can at times become overwhelming for the senses, visitors can easily unwind by discovering the picturesque village of Ano Mera. At only 8.3km from Chora, this cozy Cycladic village remains greatly authentic and tranquil, as it has not become as touristy as other Mykonian locations. The settlement is the second largest on the island, flaunting a beautifully paved central square, the well-maintained church of Panagia Tourliani, along with the uphill Gyzi Castle and Paleokastro Monastery.

Travelers can enjoy a variety of things to do there, such as savor a peaceful coffee at the traditional cafes or test their endurance and adventurous spirit with a hiking excursion full of natural beauty.

A great way of exploring Ano Mera is through a well-organized, guided tour of the authentic Mykonos. No matter which alternative you choose, you will definitely have a splendid time.

Have fun with watersports at the beach

While vacationing on the lively island of Mykonos, an exciting way of spending an evening by the sea is to indulge in the available watersports. Invite your friends and visit the azure and golden Kalafatis and Platis Gialos bays, where some of the adventurous watersport centers are situated. Rent a high-speed jet ski, maybe opt for intriguing windsurfing independently, or with an experienced instructor to guide you. Boost your funtime in Mykonos carefree!

Watch a movie at the open-air cinema

Few things are as special in Greek summertime as a picturesque Open-air Cinema movie with freshly cooked popcorn and a soft drink. Luckily, Cine Manto in Mykonos Town offers a romantic, under the star's environment where movie enthusiasts can happily unwind with classic and blockbuster films, screened daily. The cinema is operating throughout the tourist season and includes a bar restaurant to cater to its guests. As one of Mykonos’ delightful sides, a starlit screening should definitely be on your things-to-do list.

Visit the church of Panagia Paraportiani

A very unique and eccentric building worth visiting in the Town of Mykonos is the orthodox church of Panagia Paraportiani. While from the outside it can look like a typical Cycladic, whitewashed structure, it in fact consists of five different churches! Interestingly enough, small churches were built on the spot as early as the 14th century and additional small ecclesiastic structures were built on the primary one. The churches are dedicated to Agios Anargyros, Agios Efstathios, Agios Sozon, Agia Anastasia and Virgin Mary, with the last one serving as a dome on the structure. The intriguing orthodox church can easily be reached from the main town’s bus station, as well as by a rental vehicle.

Cocktails at Kastro’s

If you have gazed at pictures of Mykonos, it is certain that you have come across the Kastro’s bar unrepeated view. Nested in a whitewashed alleyway by the seafront of Little Venice, its cozy pillows and tables enable visitors to make a stop, enjoy a refreshing beverage and reverie while gazing at the everblue Aegean. A favorite spot of Mykonos Town, Kastro’s cocktail and coffee bars are perched above the sea and provide thousands of visitors annually with savory drinks and delicious snacks. We highly recommend spending an evening there to appreciate the Greek hospitality.